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Toisanese (Hoisanese is the REAL pronunciation; and Mandarin speakers call it "Taishan" or Taishanese") were among the first Chinese-Cantonese immigrants to hail to the United States from the Guangdong/Guangzhou Province of Southern China in the Pearl River Delta, west of Hong Kong.

Many Hoisanese immigrants came to the U.S. starting in the 19th century to help build railroads, and eventually stayed to establish laundromats, restaurants, etc. and worked hard to build a better future for their families. Some famous Hoisan folks include: U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, Chef Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook); Hawaii Senator Hiram Fong, Hong Kong Martial Artist Donnie Yen (star of IP MAN), Actor James Hong, Former California Treasurer Matt Fong; Actress Anna May Wong. For more Toisan/Taishan background history, click on Wikipedia.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Case of Elisa Lam - UBC Student Found Dead

So, I've been engrossed over the bizarre case of Elisa Lam, the 21-year old Chinese Canadian (University of British Columbia) student found dead in the water tanks of Los Angeles' Cecil Hotel a few weeks ago.

Maybe I'm intrigued by this case because she's a Chinese female (possibly Toisanese/Cantonese judging from her surname), and the whole case is so strange and creepy. How do you explain her behavior in the elevator security video released on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuzp4H6V9x0.

Was she hallucinating on drugs, mentally ill, or talking to ghosts in the hotel that drove her to suicide or made herself vulnerable to a murderer?  Several people online said they saw the murderer's foot or hand grabbing her hair other within the video frame but I've rewatched it a few times and don't see it. The big news was the fact that her body went undiscovered for weeks in the water tank as hotel guests drank, bathed, and brushed their teeth with the weird-tasting water that she was found floating in (gross!)
I feel horrified and repulsed at this case and hope that the Lam family in Vancouver can seek closure. Hopefully the toxicology reports can provide some explanation for her strange behavior prior in the video (or some surmise that this was Elisa's 'ghost' in the elevator?) It just gets stranger and stranger...


  1. Very erratic behavior, let's pray we find an answer and the Lam family has closure.

  2. the video just gave me goosebumps! i pray for her soul...

  3. Anonymous23.6.13

    I can't believe the recent news about her. Bipolar disorder?
    How can someone "hide" in a water tank? She was obviously hiding from
    someone in the way she acted in the video....

  4. Yes, why would she hide in the water tank naked? And how could she have gained access to the restricted water tank area? So suspicious and strange... I think it was a hotel employee and not sure if someone might've slipped her some drugs to cause her strange erratic behavior.